English cones

I think every scone love story starts once one has an Afternoon tea somewhere in England. That’s the way I fell in love with English scones and since then I promised myself to include them into my recipes notebook. Their tender, soft texture and delicate sweetness mixed with the creamy butter and jam will conquer your heart for sure. Not to mention it is a simple recipe that takes less than 40 minutes. This is why when the Kutt products became available in UK, I knew immediately that there is no better way to announce it than with a delicious British Scones recipe. Ingredients: - 500 g of sifted flour - 2 rounded tbsp of baking powder - 2 tbsp of caster sugar - Coconut flakes (optional) - Lemon zest - Vanilla extract (optional) - 110 g of cold butter - One egg (for the egg wash) Instructions: Preheat oven…

Tomato Avocado Egg Toast

Nutrients, protein, vitamins, fat – it sounds like a good way to start your day. Breakfast or brunch, the already popular avocado egg toast brings has a lot of health benefits, not to mention its tastiness. The egg in a hole toast Usually the avocado egg toasts involve poached or sunny side up eggs, but I decided it is about time for something different: the egg in hole toast. Covered with the avocado paste and the tomatoes, the hidden egg comes as a surprise when you start slicing the bread. And we all love (nice) surprises. Health benefits: Avocado is a magic fruit. Yes, it is a fruit. Besides the fact that it is tasty, accessible and versatile, it also represents a great source of potassium and vitamins: E, C, B6, K and the list can go on. Considering the eggs, they are good source of high-quality protein, , vitamin…

Dill & Lemon Baked Salmon in Parchment

We all have days when, after an exhausting day at work, laziness kicks in and cooking for dinner becomes less appealing. The recipe we prepared for today is the perfect option for the lazy days above mentioned. Tasty, healthy and more than simple, the Dill & Lemon Baked Salmon in parchment paper saves the day in less than 30 minutes. Advantages of cooking in parchment paper: -  Food gets steamed and everything cooks in their own juices; - The flavors stay inside the parchment paper and do not evaporate; - Nutrients are persevered; - It is healthy and simple. Salmon is not the only type of fish suitable for cooking in parchment paper, so you can also try making halibut, sole or trout. My advice is to use fillets, they cook easier and the flavors get inside the fish meat. What is more, you can also add some vegetable inside…


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